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Environmental pollution is most damaging cause of dullness and glow less face among all of us and specially on women as they have more sensitive skin compare to men, the major source of pollution are vehicle exhaust fumes, dust on rode side, running tyre dust and all kind of smog resulted in  increasing the levels of free radicals produced by the body.

Is air pollution damages the skin?

Yes the  polluted air enters the skin and destroys the moisture level which makes the skin dry and patchy causing spots and blemishes, most damaging Ultraviolet radiation leaves the skin darkened, old looking,rough, wrinkled and dry.
Hence skin required lot of care on regular interval & in present hectic life schedule it become vert difficult to keep care of face, neck and around skin areas properly Hydreded, mosturised and protected but yes regular use of best beauty care creams or regular use of anti pollution facial can keep your skin protected, healthy and glowing, HomesSalon home beauty services special offering of  anti pollution facial can help you to handle the air pollution challenge, visit  and enquire the services or call/WhatsApp +91-9111-193-193 for more information.
Does non visible water pollution silently affects skin?
Yes it does in big way and its easy to see air pollution but it is not easy to spot water pollution. Chlorine in the regular water supply, the same water we uses everyday for face clinging and bathing also the swimming pools water carries the chlorine and its biggest source of causing skin damage. There are many good beauty products that help to protect the skin from water damage, Water can be filtered before using it to avoid water pollution, May be the reduced timings in the swimming pool should be the help but practically its not possiable to use filtered water everywhere every time leaves chances of skin dullness and dryness

Ways to protect your skin from pollution

There are number of good skin care products available in the market, use of them will slow the damage of air and water pollution. The epidermis the top most layer of the skin which is mostly affected by environment harm. Following are the easy ways  ways to keep the skin healthy and glowing,

keep the skin clean

The daily task  is to keep the skin clean with a skin cleansing product that suits one’s skin. Cleansing is the most basic in  skin care process, its helps to removes the dirt, pollutants and excessive oil that clog the pores from the epidermis and help to keep the skin free from blemishes. Plz do not use soap based face cleansers, also keep in mind different  types of skin require different types of cleansers, A very dry skin need to be cleansed with a creamy facial cleanser or  A sensitive skin requires an alcohol free facial cleanser at the same time An oily skin benefits from acidic facial cleanser. Regular pollution facial ones in a minth also help you to achieve the goal, you can call Himessalon beauty expert at home to get the anti pollution facial at a very special price call +91-9111-193-193  

Drink plenty of water for healthy skin

Water  helps in cleansing the toxins out of the body and helps the cells to absorb the required nutrients, water also helps in making the digestive system run smoothly. Our skin must be be moisturised and hydrated to remain helthy and glowing and Water helps to restore what is lost by sweating and perspiration to make the skin look clean and healthy

Omega 3 boosts the protection of the skin

The fatty acids help to develop lipid based cell membranes that transport water and essential nutrients. These lipids helps in forming an oil shield on the skin that prevents the skin from the harm of ultra violet rays and pollutants. Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids are best suited for the health skin, The Omega 6 is found in many foods like eggs, chicken, meat, grains, seeds and cooking oils. omega 3 founds in cold water fish like tout, salmon oysters and in walnuts, kidney beans and spinach. One can also take omega 3 supplements to improve the health of the skin, at the same time Omega 3 also helps to improve the skin tone internals

Use sunscreen for safety from sun

Sun screen safe guards the skin from serious diseases like cancer and helps in preventing the signs of aging that can be caused by the rays of the sun. Skin that is overexposed to sun becomes dark, wrinkled and lacks flexibility.

Vitamins C and E are good antioxidants good for the skin

These antioxidants are present in all kinds of foods, like fruits, vegetables, sea foods and oils, like

 Vitamin C & E

It helps in keeping the skin fleshy and skin. It is found in whole grains, apples, oranges and all other citrus fruits, Vitamin E protects the cell membranes from devastation, they are found in wheat germ oil, mustard, spinach, broccoli and peanut butter.
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