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Clients Accountabilities

Correct and full information regarding the services has to be informed while you book the services. If you’ll be unable to provide accurate information at the time of booking, you will be accountable for cancellation, rejection or an incapability of the expert/therapist that you have booked or opted for request of services to provide. Such non-fulfillment of the information also may result in loss or inaccurate delivery of the confirmed booking. Once your booking is accepted and confirmed, you will receive a confirmation call/email/message of your appointment. By booking an appointment with us, you are responsible for:

  • Full payment of the service as informed at time of booking.
  • Assuring that the beauticians can properly perform their duties in providing services on your given premises and accurate space and the facilities in which they will perform the service/treatment. The availability of proper lighting, heating and water facilities should also be provided.
  • The proper behaviour, health and safety of the beauty service provider during the designated premises should be ensured.

Quality of our Work/service

  • You agree that:
    (a) your home/place (or other space where our beautician are called to be) is safe and secure:
    (b) you will provide a clean and hygienic workspace with close closeness to an electrical channel.
  • The customers must take care of the personal possessions and valuable stuff during the visit of the beauticians. Homes Salon will not take any responsibility for any loss or damage of valuables of Customers during or post visits of the beauticians who have been booked via Homes salon.

Strictly prohibited

  • Any kind of inappropriate/ misbehaviour including but not limited to adulterous or sexually redolent remarks, sexual advances, drug/alcohol use, excessive drinking and/or other will not be tolerated and will resultant in taking strict measures or legal actions.
  • The brand-Homes salon service and all contents, materials, and postings are without any depiction or warranty of any kind.
  • Any use of materials on this Website, including reproduction for purposes other than those mentioned above, conversion, distribution, or republication, without the prior written permission of Homes salon, is strictly prohibited.